YUNG Citizen

YUNG Citizen is a new artist whose music comprises his love of Hip Hop along with infusions of R&B/Pop to deliver smooth melodic creations.

Porsha The Poet

I am a Charlotte native, My passion is individuality. I’m seeking the highest level of consciousness. I plan to achieve this by sharing my gift/love of poetry ,music, film, and art. My voice is the voice of Pain, LOVE, TRAUMA, AND TRUE DIVINE WISDOM…… All praises to the most high

NiGE HOOD & The Folk Rap Band

NiGE HOOD & The Folk Rap Band is a hip-hop fusion group inspired by the music of rapper and frontman, NiGE HOOD, a performer-songwriter originally from Charlotte, NC. His self-developed style Folk Rap is an alternative mix of Hip Hop, Blues Rock and Soul Funk. NiGE HOOD brings a three-piece Folk Rap Band for his live shows, culminating in a style that blends more mainstream hip-hop traditions with folk rock and pop sounds. The charismatic frontman belts out smooth melodies “with a flare of funk and eloquent, tightly-spouted verses” (Triad City Beat). 


DJ Ace

DJ Dive In

Dexter Jordan

The son of a minister of music and Baptist choir alto, Dexter Jordan has spent his entire life exploring and expressing himself through music. Dexter has released his debut album, Blue, in which he delicately unravels layers of grief, growth, coping and resilience through masterful musicianship. Dexter hopes that
his deep commitment to being his unapologetically black queer self in his music and life inspires others across the globe to do the same

Casino P


Rissa Reign

Art Dealer

Mary Mack

Host- Kidemo

Reuben Vincent